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She Knows He’s in Mathcounts and That’s About Covers it All

June 12, 2011

Dear Mr. Martin,

First of all, I have to apologize for my friend Julia C. who tried to be quiet and use time wisely but could not. Will you ever forgive her? Please do. I like your hair cut.

(Thanks. Julia’s great—just a bit excitable.)

Anyways, there’s these 2 guys that I think likes me. Unfortunately, I hate both of them. First is Kurt. He’s a total nerd. He just invaded my backpack. I hate him so much. Then there’s Yucky (Lucky) who is a total gangster guy w/his hair all weird. He called me like 300000 times and I just told my dad to keep telling him that I’m not home, hopping he’d get the idea, but he didn’t! So the next day I told him that I wasn’t allow to talk to guys on the phone, which is partially true. I’m not allowed unless like my mom knows who he is or else like she knew what he’s like. Like Mike, she knows he’s in mathcounts and that’s about covers it all.

Anyways, I’m so behind in computers I think I’ll die now. Just kidding. For my presentation I think I’ll do a small statue of Aphrodite, Athena, and that one other goddess that Paris had to choos from, Paris, then the Golden Fleece. How long is our presentation supposed to be? Next Wednesday is Joe Cummin’s birthday. Do you think that Me Julia Mike Aaron and Erin can come at like 7:30 am to your room just to hold a party like we gave you? Please? Thanks a bunch.

(Sure if it stays under control.)

Thanx for telling me that the idea of your journal thing is good. So are you going to do that? You should! Yep, definitely should.



(I will—don’t know when I’ll get to it, but I will eventually.)

The only thing Joe said to me was that “You owe me $3” and did this weird looking “3” symbol. w/his fingers. I told him I would pay him back tomorrow. I said happy N-day to Angel smile 2 times today and the first time he said “Thanx!” but the 2nd time in Mr. Martin’s class he just looked a little confused but said “Thanx…” Geez, everyone’s B-day is like during Aug Sept and Oct. I can’t wait until this Sat because me and Julia are going to this Chinese dinner/show/dance thing. These are the things I need to do today.


bring baisil seeds



Spanish (maybe)

myth summery



When’s the Antigone essay due? I forgot, sorry! Mr. Martin, you should definitely give us more time for this journal.

Today I wrote to Mr. Madden a note complaining about not getting enough Lecture/help/attention and signed it from “some people in your basic class” Well, bye!


Best Friend

June 12, 2011

Oh, by the way MR. MARTIN, are you mad at me for talking in class? I’m sorry! Please do not be mad at me. I will try to stop! —Julia C.

Mr. Martin, please do not read. THANKS!!


Hi! W’s up? When did you push Joe’s cap down? Mike’s code name can be music horse. Do you like it? He likes music, so I think it fits. I think all our code names are good because they describe the boys’ characteristics. You still have feelings for Joe, don’t you? (I mean, Jolly Cat, I forgot, Sorry) Think about it, besides having four classes with him, I can’t think of any other reason that he should like me. Can you? Anyways, I don’t like him that much any more. I liked him a lot last week since he flirted with me a lot. This week he changed. Last week whenever we walked really close, he would stop me with his body against mine. It was a really romantic week! I <3ed it. I hope next week will be better! I don’t think it is very selfish to fight for the guy you like. I just hope we won’t end up fighting over him one day! I really think you are going to become my best, best friend. I mean, I have best friends. But you probably will be my best of best friend. Don’t u feel special! I’m just kidding. I’ve to make up soo many things for Computer the weekend, but I also have 2 parties to attend. Too much stuff to do! HELP! Gotta-go

I ❤ u,

Julia C.

Grocery Lists of Mesopotamian People

June 12, 2011

Please read

Today is the most depressing day. My mom still thinks that I should let her read my journal. I was like, no way! Mr. Martin, you’ve gotta do something!

Anyways, Mike is not here today so that really sucks. I’ve got a better proverb then Julia. it is “Lucky is so yucky!” Lucky as in Mr. Wishbone. Now that I think on it, I’m not sure if Jolly Cat smiled at me anymore. Well, I sure hope he did. I should’ve said hi. How stupid. I think he just looked and squinted at me or something. Oh well. I have to call Mike today so I hope my parents will go out for about an hour or so. Maybe they’ll go to the library. I don’t know. I doubt it.

For my class presentation I think I’ll do some 3 dimentional architecthre thing and for the mythology thing I’ll do 4 statues. One of Paris, then the 3 beautiful goddesses. Cool. I hope I have time. I’ll have work a lot on the Greek stuff this weekend. Seems so unbelievable that a weekend is coming up already. Seems like the week has just started.

Sometimes in my diary at home I’ll introduce myself and my environment just in case after 3 million yrs someone finds it they won’t be as confused and be in lack of information like those poor archeologists who could only find grocery lists of Mesopotamian people.

Sometimes I wish I could do things like setting a curse upon someone that I don’t like, but that is evil. I won’t think about that anymore. I wish Jolly Cat liked me. Well anyways.

DO NOT Read please

Jolly Cat = Joe Cummins

Angel Smile = Aaron Stalker

Wow. that’s so hard to remember. I’ll think of a name for Mike. I mean I’ll ask Julia to.

M______ H________ = Mike Hagedon

I think Aaron’ll make an ok/good husband.

Please read and answer

Gessa wanted to work on our Greek Architecture paper but I don’t want to and I don’t want to hurt her feelings. What should I do?



(Just kidding!) 🙂

I pushed the front of the cap of Jolly Cat’s Cap down today. Whoa that sounds like a tongue twister.



Happy birthday Mr. Martin!

June 12, 2011

Please Read

9/27 Happy birthday Mr. Martin!

(Thank you.)

Emilio Chapa for sure went to Fickett because I saw him in the yearbook. I’ll ask him.

My mom said to write something meaningful in my journal, & so I shall. I’ll write about divorces.

Julia’s parents have a big possibility of getting a divorce. Her mom says it’s because her dad has mental problems. Like he’ll get really mad for 5 minutes & beat her mom up, then he’ll totally forget that this whole thing has ever happened. That is really sad. I told her that her family has gotta see a therepist or her dad should see a phyciotrist or live in one of those places where people have the same problems as he does. She didn’t know if those people will make her dad better. I guess it’s just one of those conservative Chinese ways. Julia is a lot more conservative & naieve than I am. It is very sad (the divorce) If my parents are going to get a divorce I would be freaked out, angry, and I’ll probably try & put them back together. I will threaten them that I’ll leave or suicide if they don’t. If my dad or mom is abusive, or just beats up people when they are angry, I’ll get a gun & first tell them my feelings, & if they even dare to threaten me, I’ll warn them to back of, not like I”ll ever shoot my parents to death, the gun is only used as a warning. Julia’s dad from her description seems to me like a selfish, obnoxious, abusive person, but I know there is a good side to him or else she will not love him, right? How frustrating. Julia says that they were just not meant for each other because they came from such different backgrounds. Her dad’s family likes boys better so they make the girls do all the work, & that’s the way he was brought up, & that’s how he expects her mom to be,  while on the other hand, her mom’s very librel & so is her family from the tales of China she told me. One was like, her father was not a communist & back then people thought only communists are good people, thus, a man came to her house to ask her to stand up against her father. She refused & the man was very mad. He said “I have never seen a girl like you before!” & she said “I have never seen a man like you before!” He would have hurted her but for the lady he was with cajoled him to leave. Her mom’s family were rich & even during the hard times they had food. Her dad’s family was poor, over populated w/kids & had to give away two of them. They often did not have food. I’ll continue next time.

(Don’t feel like you have to write serious things in here, but this is a very thoughtful response on some important issues. Shows considerable maturity. A)

Do you know what, Mr. M?

June 11, 2011

Please read

Oh my god. I am in deep trouble. My trouble is that I’m paying too much attention to guys & I’m not doing so well w/grades. Except I never realize it when I’m doing that. I am getting 3 “A”s & 3 “B”s. That is totally horrible. I’ve never gotten 3 “B”s in my life. But I raised my Wes Civ grade to an A, My Biology I’m definitely gonna do better on the next lab except I think I just failed that stupid test on Monday. Then tomorrow I have to do really good on the math test. I’m sorry Me & Julia & Mike were so loud on Thursday morning. We’ll try & be quieter next time.

(Sometimes guys are more important than grades. You have lots of time to get your grades up. Remember only the end of semester grade really counts)


Today I asked Joe if he was getting a B for the test, he said yeah he’ll probably have to do the study guide. Mike told Aaron he knew who Aaron liked. Aaron said, I know, it’s Amy. Mike said no! But Mike said no also to Joe & Julia. Julia said she doesn’t like Joe anymore, she likes Aaron now. I don’t know who I like, probably both, but there’s like no point in doing that because neither of them will ever like me.


Well anyways, enough about guys. I went to Dr. Litin’s today & he still doesn’t have the retake test done yet. How frustrating. I wish he would just give us the same test. then in computers I got a little computer done, & memorized 10 verbs (spanish) because I was afraid that she was going to change the quiz to today. In Spanish we had fun. We played bingo, sang songs, & corrected or workbook. I’m getting a 98% in that class. I didn’t even know it. My bangs look horrible right now. I just know it. & in english I’m writing in my journal. I really hope UHS becomes a charter school before I graduate. That’d be so cool.


I really did not feel like buying lunch today so I borrowed 50c from Virginia & bought some chips. Oh I have to remember to pay her back 75c. Remind me, OK? What are the commitee meetings you go to? What do you do there. Oh we have to try & get that big buddy thing. I’m bored. Do you know what, Mr. M? I think you should give us some class time to do current events and more time for journal, Well you said “finish up” so I guess I’ll have to go!



You Know, He Has Very Long Fingers.

May 8, 2010

Whoa! I cannot believe that Mike likes Erin! I wonder what Aaron is writing. Oh well, at least his head is proportional to his body today. You know, he has very long fingers. Mike asked me what was so special about Joe for at least 10 times. After computers, I saw Julia & said “Hi!” & she’s like, “uh…hi (whatever)” & I was like totally laughing my head off for no reason & Joe glanced at me a couple times w/no expression on his face & walked on. I think everytime Joe sees me I’m always w/Mike & Julia & also laughing my head off. He must think I’m crazy or something. Mike said that Joe cussed a lot at Flag Guy’s party & tried to act macho. I know EXACTLY what he’s talking about. When Joe’s alone w/me he’s nice, charming, friendly, cute. When he’s around Jackie or popular people, he’s dumb, stupid, unfriendly, ignorant, & still cute. & I said to Mike “Oh yeah, he’s so stupid when he does that!” & Mike said “Ok. I’m gonna tell Joe ‘Amy think you’re stupid!'” & I was like “No! then he’ll hate me even more after I said “oh…thanks (whatever)” I felt so bad. I’m becoming closer friends w/Paul, Paduci, Mike, & Matt. Paul looked very cute today w/the black silk shirt that he wore at graduation. Yup, he sure did. Mike lives in an apartment too. I didn’t know that! & it’s really close to ours (I think, I have no since of direction, however.) I have to go see my Wes Civ grade again cuzz I know I’m getting a “B” after Current events but I should be getting an “A” because I redo my test & Gilgamesh ending. Maybe he didn’t grade them yet. I sure hope not. Do you know what, Mr. Martin? for the journal idea I had all you said was “good idea” or something. Does that mean you’re going to do it? You have to. You just have to. Sometime I’ll go through and pull out selections for you to see.

Anyways, as I was saying about Paul, I took a drink out of his Soda because I was so thirsty. I hope he doesn’t have some wierd disease or something. I’ve got that “Hakuna Matata” song stuck in my head. Maybe if I write it down it’ll go away “it means no worries, for the rest of your days it’s our problem free, philosophy! Hulana Matata. Hakuna Matata, what a wonderful phrase! It aint no passin’ craze! (repeat)” cool song, huh? I played that CD over & over again my sister said “how many times do you have to listen to this?” so I turned it softer.

Cool Huh?

May 8, 2010


Dear ?

Do you know what I always do? in the beginning, I don’t know what to write & at the end I have something really exciting to write about & have no time. Today in computers I laughed & talk to Mike a whole lot, didn’t get much done, but more than usual. He said his mom’s always either yelling at him, sleeping, or doing weird things. & he said it’s like he doesn’t have a mom. That’s really sad. He is going to invite me to his B-day party (oct. 1) I helped him make his party list: Amy, Julia (he said “I’ll be brave) don’t tell ok? He said Julia is always perky & screaming & laughing & energetic because when Jessa tickled her she shrieked!) (I asked him if Julia was mad at me because i couldn’t show up today because I have done that so many times, & it’s not like I have a choice cuzz I didn’t know that it was going to happen. I was really looking forward to coming early too because I hardly ever talk to Julia.) anyways, Joe, Aaron, Erin, Tim?, Sam. I just hope that I’ll get to go. I’ll be so excited if I could.

Oh, you know what, yesterday I walked pass by Joe & Aaron & some of their friends, so I looked at Joe & he was like looking at me the whole time but talking to his friends at the same time. I was like, whatever! So I went to the other side of some people & ignored him. Julia is so lucky to have classes w/him. Eugenia can’t figure out what is so good ’bout Joe, but I said everything except that he flirts too much. I was laughing so loud I was so embarrased. Mike was playing this computer game where you can make up the second player. He named him Nic & chose the personality as Moron! it was so funny! Well anyways, I passed by Mike & Aaron & they were like talking so I said Hi to Mike. I think Aaron smiled at me but I’m not too sure. I hope he did. He probably thinks 1) I’m really weird, or 2) I like Mike as a boyfriend! Yikes, no way! I like Aaron as a boyfriend! Oh well. My special talent is that I can crack my toes, hum, and whistle at the same time. I wonder what Mike & Aaron are writing about. Maybe I’ll ask Mike if I can read his but probably not cuzz he’ll think I’m rude or something. I’m so excited my party is tomorrow but actually my B-day is Sept 19. Virginia’s is Sept 21! Cool huh? Mike’s is Sep 30. Julia’s is Oct 27. Taly’s is Oct something 12th. I know it’s before Julia’s. Carrie’s is the day Boost ended. Gabe C’s is Dec 22. Nicole’s is July 19. When’s yours, Mr. Martin?

Joe Cummin’s is Oct 18. He is 9 days older than moi. J.C.